Utterly Unacceptable Behaviour

One of the ‘harassment gang’ is a chronically anxious man. Selfish beyond words and vicious in every way, his attacks are so ill-advised given his mental health and yet, he behaves with such venom and hatred.

It can only speak to his selfishness, his vindictiveness and clearly, rapidly failing mental health.

Our psychological team have assessed his posts and his online media and strongly believe him to be suffering from high level mental illness such as Borderline Personality Disorder, Psychosis or Narcassistic Personality Disorder, which seem to be the only explanation for his behaviour and conduct.

No one in their right mind would be so hateful, churlish and misguided.

Why would a man with such high level anxiety, panic attacks and phobias bring legal problems to his own door? Police action. The Crown Prosecution Service. Solicitor and Barristers. He’s making himself vulnerable and a target.

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