What is this website & book about?

For over 15 years, we have been subjected to personal, professional, organisational and family focused stalking, harassment, threats, bullying and defamation at the highest level.

This is often referred to as Gang Harassment or Organised Stalking.

You would think that the people involved would be the same scumbags who hack servers, plant trojans and plant viruses but no, in this case, these folks are, seamingly, normal people including doctors and business people, therapists and those involved in mental health organisations.

These are people who have dedicated thousands of hours of their time in one single pursuit – to defame, harass, bully, stalk and intimidate at the highest level… for years on end.

The people involved have systematically worked together to cause distress and this website and the resource we have prepared for release, at the right moment, will ‘spell-out’ the level of vilensess they went to in order to bring hurt, harm and distress in the name of their own vendetta.

The book and this website will reveal:

  1. Their full identities
  2. The completel timeline of their behaviour
  3. Evidence of how they met, why they met, their resultant friendship and development of the structured, coordinated harassment, stalking and threats
  4. 1000’s of examples of their posts, threats and litigious communications
  5. Evidence of them contacting all of our friends, work colleagues and partners
  6. Evidence of their obsessive communications with every organisation we work with, belong to, or that they can report us to
  7. Organisations’ statements about the onsessive level of their attention, complaints and communications
  8. Professional psychological evaluations of their behaviour and what that represents within mental health
  9. Evidence of them contacting our clients and prospective clients with defamatory, harassing texts and statements
  10. Evidence of the upset and anxiety they have caused by contacting and harassing members of the public of all ages, from young children to pensioners
  11. Evidence of high level threats to our children
  12. Posts by them about other people or organisations, some which are extremely disturbing including ridiculing poeople with learning disabilities and posts that incite or recommend violence.
  13. Evidence that THEY have dubious histories and major skeletons in their own closets
  14. Evidence of following and scaring our children on social media
  15. Copies of all the police reports
  16. Copies of all the barristers’ and solicitors’ communications
  17. Copies of all cease and descist letters
  18. Copies of all Police harassment wrnings
  19. Copies of all Crown Prosecution Service actions and served summonses
  20. Outcomes of all charges and legal action
  21. …and so, so much more.

When will it all be published?

When we feel it is necessary.

At present, the CPS have charged one member of the group and the investigation is coming together for the rest. The civil case is being prepared and our investigator is piecing together the most accurate report about every aspect of their lives possible.

Copies of the materials will be immediately distributed to a pre-existing list of contacts.


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