The good doctor

So, now, the good doctor is contacting our staff as well as clients.

You can clearly see the misinformation and scare-mongering he send to vulnerable people in his own name on social media. In this case, he used Facebook to contact clients interested in our services. The blurs are to protect identities for legal reasons. We have dozens of these examples which will be published in his name across all of the planned resources and in the ‘The Descent of Decency’ book.

Our psychology lead received a message through LinkedIn containing comments which have been deemed litigious under the malicious communications act by the CPS.

Should a doctor be behaving this way? We have hundreds of screenshots of harassing messages he has sent to us, to his group of stooges and our friends and business contacts… does he think he’s above the law?

He’s already received warnings, which he chose to ignore, but also use as fuel for further attacks… he has publicly stated that I will ‘pay’ for sending the police to his door.

It is clear that this man isn’t understanding the law. However, he will soon!

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