Suicide & Harassment

Just 6 examples of where online harassment leads

When people get unwelcome, uninvited attention from people… it’s bullying.

When they push too far… they break. The people doing this to us do it for selfish reasons. Why else would they want to contact Charles’ children? Why else would they phone, email and message all our friends, business contacts and celebrity supporters? Why would they behave this way unless they are the same kind of bullies that led the children below to take their lives?

Charles’ son was attacked online and harassed on social media. The distress it caused him and his sister reading the vile, childish and vicious comments online was immense. It will not be tolerated… as stated above, at some point, people break. Beth Linden ended up in an ambulance and in hospital because of these monsters. The children had to watch that. What kind of sick mind does that to a family?

These people state that Charles is a bully for threatening legal action when they state that he is a conman, is under investigation, is breaking the law, is causing damage and distress, repeatedly across many platforms. You cannot harass and defame people with blatant lies… it is against the law and if you are asked to stop and you don’t, the victim has the right to inform the police and solicitors. If the police and solicitors then contact you, that has been done because they have decided that there is a case to be answered. Charles and Linden Tree have behaved professionally and legally… it is YOU, the perpetrator who is the bully, harasser and law breaker.

If law states that what you have done is harassment or defamation, it is because they have determined in law that your actions were harassing and untrue… which is why you are all under investigation… and you know you are because two of you have received harassment warnings and one of you has been arrested. The police did that, not Charles or Linden tree. YOU deserved it for your actions.

Despite what you believe, we were not forced to work with Trading Standards… we asked if we could apply for Primary Authority partnership and it was granted after they inspected every aspect of our work and policies. If there were anything amiss, they would have found it.

These beautiful young people below were the victims of foul people but more than that, they were the victims of the organisations that provided the weapons that forced them to take their own lives. Social media isn’t a weapon, but it’s used as one. ANYONE who places a weapon in the hands of a killer and does nothing to prevent them from using it is equally to blame for any resultant issues. If you walk into someone’s garden and slip on their path, it’s legally the path owner’s fault regardless of why you are in the garden. the same should be true of every social environment, online and off. That would stop most of this unnecessary suffering.

Look at yourselves in the mirror folks… what do you see? If you’re psychotic, you’ll see perfection, if you are sane you’ll see the error of your ways.

Jessica committed suicide because of online harassment

Felix committed suicide because of online harassment

Hannah committed suicide because of online harassment

Jessica committed suicide because of online harassment

Megan committed suicide because of online harassment

Amanda committed suicide because of online harassment


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