Relentless, obsessive, scary

Some People are Just Born Bad.

There’s a particularly tiresome creep who fits the bill perfectly in fact… he constantly states that “You have no idea who you are dealing with” as if he’s a Mafia Don or a South American drug lord – he’s actually an ugly creep, a threatening man with a ‘penchant’ for ridiculing those with learning disabilities and for seriously undermining and defaming people who have true integrity.


He’s a loner – he travels alone, dines alone and constantly posts photos of himself in football shirts and of his cod, chips and pint.

He’s also a doctor which strongly reminds me of the Hannibal Lecter character in Silence of the Lambs; someone once presumed trust-worthy, intelligent and learned when, in fact, something very dark, sinister and dangerous lurks beneath his seemingly professional exterior.

He’s a man who has climbed from a low level job, which was both suspicious, unusual and unsuitable in equal amounts for a man, to a doctor; he’s probably one of those people who has taken decades to attain the academic points to enable him to do so and now feels that the world owes him something – a view supported by his many self-congratulatory photos and posts and his very egotistical description of himself on social media. His ethos was clearly re-take and re-take till I attain my goals; in one way noble but equally desperate.

But he is underserving of the doctorate and should be stripped of it for vile, toxic, defamatory and litigious comments he publicly makes with such conviction and weird self-righteousness.

He claims to be a lover of humanity, but his masses of inappropriate posts coupled with his, literally, obsessive level of negative focus and attacks on a number of individuals, hasn’t been hidden from public view – on the contrary, this psychopath believes his crap and touts it unashamedly – so much so that even his employer had to let him go.

He is a serial poster, serial defamer, serial ‘hunter’ of vulnerable people – disseminating his vileness through direct messaging – fake news generated to discredit his prey. Fake news that gives rise to his victims descending into panic, fear and illness. But he has zero remorse.

This man is one of life’s true creeps; the kind that unravels. The kind that escalate until they can no longer contain their obsessions, compulsive actions and threats. He’s a menace to society.

He also believes that he is cleverer than anyone else. He believes that he is a shadow; that he cannot be found or caught; that he will escape any detection or consequences.

He has no idea what we know about him – but believe me… if he continues his vile attacks on innocent people… he will.

The website is ready – every fact is stacked. The social media and SEO work is done… he can continue but his name will forever be attached to the images, statements and posts – he may be alone in the world; and rightly so, but he has family and I am certain he doesn’t want them to know what we know.

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