Ongoing Relentless Attacks

Today, I heard from a group of people who have been distressed by the messages they have received from one of these ‘terrorists’ involved in this horrendous attack.

The group formed independently and have contacted us because of something dreadful that has happened.

This perpetrator contacted an elderly person who became so distressed by the fact that this vile scum would send them such dreadful and repeated attacks on us and the garbage he was spreading, that they attempted to take their life due to the increased anxiety it caused them.

Another member of the group became so distressed by the communications that they contacted the police directly having suffered a panic attack which required hospitalisation.

Do these people have no moral compass?

Our officer in charge of the case at West Mercia Police has been sent the evidence as screen-grabs.

Message to the perpetrators: If you are reading this… you know who you are, you know what you’ve done… you are cowardly half human, half-men… intimidating kids and the elderly… scum.


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