Doctors Should Know Better

You would expect doctors to be pillars of society wouldn’t you?

We have always expected doctors, priests, bank managers and other respected individuals, to uphold moral standards but, sadly, it has become all too common for these people to let us down and to behave in highly inappropriate ways.

Involved in this case of organised harassment are two doctors who have spent hundreds of hours over many years…

  • creating defamatory, harassing materials and posts
  • contacting our friends, clients, potential clients, partner organisations and people we work with
  • contacting numerous complaints organisations
  • reporting us to a variety of governing bodies
  • creating falsehoods about us
  • reporting us for anything and everything they can
  • creating uncertainty amongst those people whow have come to trust us
  • accusing qualified staff of making up their qualifications
  • accusing staff members of illegal and immoral activities
  • fabricating falsehoods about our products and services
  • telling people we are ‘under investigation’ by the police, trade organisations and journalists
  • and so much more

One doctor called a university at which the data computers were used to calculate our trial results, asking if they knew who we were… out of the 1000’s of people at the university, the person answered that they had not heard of us… why would they have? The chances were that they wouldn’t know what was going on in all departments… the doctor then posted that he had spoken to the university and they had no knowledge of us and that we had therefore lied. He constantly generates these falsehoods to undermine us. This one example in many of the level of effort these doctors went to in order to cause distrust and to incite anger against us. They did this with a number of establishments and people with whom we have worked.

Trading Standards said that they were being driven mad by the level of contact these doctors were making. When did they have time to do their day jobs?

It’s so disturbing that people who treat mental illnesses were displaying the clear traits of severe mental illness – obsessive, paranoid and dillusional behaviours that are only normally evident in psychiatric conditions.

There have been fake accounts set up as well as hundreds of posts across multiple online facilities and the police are working hard to connect it to the people involved… slowly it is taking shape and the police have already made one arrest and charged the person concerned. They will appear in court very soon and other evidence is being gathered to add to that case.

Our solicitors are preparing the civil case off the back of the criminal case.

Doctors should be vetted and constantly monitored in order to assure that they are acting appropriately.

I believe that all NHS and private medical people should be contracted to never post on social media or elsewhere as a matter of protection for both them and the potential for them to become the focus of public attention.

The posts these men have created, not only, attack us, but also, others, making highly inappropriate comments that are threatening, weird, troubling and discriminatory in some cases about carrying weapons, ridiculing those with learning disabilities and containing the use of very foul language.

They have contacted many vulnerable people, people who have high level anxiety conditions, some have contacted us with the evidence and some have become ill and have even suffered with increased anxiety and panic attacks about the unfounded comments and attacks against us. Our priority is to make sure that these poor people are protected from further contact.

It’s unacceptable and they should be struck off the medical register.

This is all documented in the full version of this website and the book.Every last post, letter and screenshot has been documented ready to post alongside their names and the action taken against them by solicitors, barristers and the police.

IF appropriate and necessary, it will all be made public and published.


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